About Us

Who We Are

VM Finserve is a prominent name in Investment consulting and has been serving 800+ happy cilents for the last 20 years. Brain behind the Firm Shri Vikrant Agarwal is a well renowned name in the society & Investment Consulting field. He has earned numerous awards & accolades in this area.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading force in shaping a financially secure and prosperous India. We aim to set new standards in the financial industry and be the go-to partner for those seeking financial stability, growth, and success, contributing to a brighter future for our clients and the nation as a whole.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide accessible and personalized financial services, empowering individuals across India to achieve financial success. We are dedicated to offering expert guidance, making financial services available to all, and ensuring every Indian can turn their financial aspirations into reality.

Our Values

Our core values include accessibility, empathy, trust, innovation, excellence, collaboration, and social responsibility. We are committed to making financial services accessible to all, understanding our client's unique needs, building trust through integrity, driving innovation, and striving for excellence.